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"One Parting" - Carl Sandburg


Why did he write to her,
"I can’t live without you"?
And why did she write to him,
"I can’t live without you"?
For he went west, she went east,
And they both lived.

We’re civilized people. We can be absolute bastards to people and things we don’t care about and still be loving, functional members of the circles we do care about. That’s what civilized means.



  1. Kapag makikipagchat, wag masyadong magkwento tungkol sa sarili. Wala siyang pakialam sa patay na kuko mo. Magtanong ng kahit ano tungkol sa kanya para mapahaba ang usapan.
  2. Para kang double-dead na zombie kapag walang emoticons sa mga chat mo. Iba ang dating ng, “musta araw mo” sa “musta araw mo? ;)” 
  3. Kapag nag “uy!!” siya, utang na loob, wag mong sasagutin ng “uy!!” din. Ang boring mong kausap sa part na yun.
  4. Purihin mo siya. Hindi yung nakataas ang kamay tapos maghahaleluyah ka sa harap niya. Icompliment mo yung mga actions niya kesa sa itsura at looks niya para tamang paandar lang. At some point, mas magiging komportable siya sa’yo.
  5. Limitahan ang pagmemention sa kanya sa twitter lalo na kung hindi masyadong mahalaga. Mahirap magbasa ng interactions. Hindi mo ikabubuntis yan.
  6. Wag mo siyang iaadd sabay sabay sa Wechat, Line, Viber, Bbm at Kakaotalk. Obvious na obvious ang “Art of stalking” mo. Iadd lang siya sa madalas niyang gamitin. 
  7. Kapag nilike mo na yung picture, wag ng magcomment ng “<3” lalo na kung ang maximum likers lang niya sa instagram ay 11 lang. Mapapansin ka na niya nun. 
  8. Iwasang magcomment ng “Bakit ang cute mo? <3”. Itanong mo na lang sa nanay niya dahil hindi niya din alam ang sagot dun. Malupit lupit na pandededma lang ang aabutin mo.
  9. Kapag binigay niya ang number niya, pigilan ang sarili na itxt siya agad agad. Maglaan ng 1 day para sa matinding soul-searching para pa-mysterious effect ng konti.
  10. Siguraduhing update ka sa mga tweets at FB status niya para kung sakaling madepress siya, attack na agad friend!!!! Yan na yung dynamic portal para umepal sa buhay niya.
  11. Iwasang tititigan ng matagal ang picture niya habang nakikipagchat. Baka “kainin mo ako” ang maitype mo sa halip na “Kumain ka na” Matutong magpigil ng hormones. Pigain muna ang panty.
  12. Idaan sa humor. Kahit gaano ka kaganda/kagwapo, kung saksakan ka naman ng boring kausap hindi mo malalandi ang taong gusto mo.

"The God Who Loves You" - Carl Dennis


It must be troubling for the god who loves you
To ponder how much happier you’d be today
Had you been able to glimpse your many futures.
It must be painful for him to watch you on Friday evenings
Driving home from the office, content with your week—
Three fine houses sold to deserving families—
Knowing as he does exactly what would have happened
Had you gone to your second choice for college,
Knowing the roommate you’d have been allotted
Whose ardent opinions on painting and music
Would have kindled in you a lifelong passion.
A life thirty points above the life you’re living
On any scale of satisfaction. And every point
A thorn in the side of the god who loves you.
You don’t want that, a large-souled man like you
Who tries to withhold from your wife the day’s disappointments
So she can save her empathy for the children.
And would you want this god to compare your wife
With the woman you were destined to meet on the other campus?
It hurts you to think of him ranking the conversation
You’d have enjoyed over there higher in insight
Than the conversation you’re used to.
And think how this loving god would feel
Knowing that the man next in line for your wife
Would have pleased her more than you ever will
Even on your best days, when you really try.
Can you sleep at night believing a god like that
Is pacing his cloudy bedroom, harassed by alternatives
You’re spared by ignorance? The difference between what is
And what could have been will remain alive for him
Even after you cease existing, after you catch a chill
Running out in the snow for the morning paper,
Losing eleven years that the god who loves you
Will feel compelled to imagine scene by scene
Unless you come to the rescue by imagining him
No wiser than you are, no god at all, only a friend
No closer than the actual friend you made at college,
The one you haven’t written in months. Sit down tonight
And write him about the life you can talk about
With a claim to authority, the life you’ve witnessed,
Which for all you know is the life you’ve chosen.

"Egg" - C.G. Hanzlicek


I’m scrambling an egg for my daughter.
"Why are you always whistling?" she asks.
"Because I’m happy."
And it’s true,
Though it stuns me to say it aloud,
There was a time when I wouldn’t
Have seen it as my future.
It’s partly a matter
Of who is there to eat the egg.
The self fallen out of love with…

"Silent Manners" - Carl Dennis


Before you invest in a book on manners,
Better make sure it contains a chapter
On keeping silent, one to remind you,
When you pull off on the shoulder
Of a country road to ask directions,
Not to ask the elderly man in overalls,
Who crosses the field to greet you,
Why he isn’t wearing a hat on a…

Farsight Fire Warriors! #tau #warhammer40k #tabletop #farsight #painting

Farsight Fire Warriors! #tau #warhammer40k #tabletop #farsight #painting

Will be sniffing resin for a while. #tau #warhammer40k #miniatures #hobby #farsight

Will be sniffing resin for a while. #tau #warhammer40k #miniatures #hobby #farsight

Last contract day basketball. See you again come renewal.  (at Asian Development Bank)

Last contract day basketball. See you again come renewal. (at Asian Development Bank)

I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions or unnecessary conversations. If we don’t vibrate on the same frequency there’s just no reason for us to waste our time. I’d rather have no one and wait for substance than to not feel someone and fake the funk.

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This is true. #lolavibes 

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