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I am figuring out which parts of my personality are mine 
and which ones I created to please you.

The Dust On This Poem Could Choke You/ Lora Mathis lora-mathis (via possibilityofliving)

Growth is an erratic forward movement: two steps forward, one step back. Remember that and be very gentle with yourself. Growth occurs in spurts. You will lie dormant sometimes. Do not be discouraged. Think of it as resting.

Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way. Although the quote about creativity, it holds true for any kind of personal growth, including fitness.  (via fitocracy)

Today, I hope you receive boxes.
Boxes so secure to protect all the fragile things in your life -
your porcelain dreams, your stained-glass hopes, your human heart.
I wish that you get boxes with big, black labels that say “This side up, handle with care,”
as a warning to whoever has the gumption to carry them,
but also as a reminder to you that no matter how indestructible the outside looks like,
there could still be delicate things inside.

I hope it comes with rolls and rolls of bubble wrap,
so that you can protect each breakable thing you put in.
And in the rare chance something breaks, you can always pop the bubbles,
until you figure out what to do with the shattered pieces,
until you realize the pain you can live with,
and the parts of your life you can live without.
Because yes, time might heal all wounds,
And though screaming and crying can also help,
popping air bubbles to while away time might work better.

I hope you get boxes.
Boxes so sturdy you can stack them kilometers high without them ever falling down;
so that whenever your confidence crumbles,
you can always tell yourself, “At least, I am good at stacking boxes.”
And you go on stacking boxes —
And eventually you find that stacking boxes isn’t so different from rebuilding your confidence -
you do it piece by piece.

I hope you get boxes.
Boxes so many you can store all your life’s memories.
I hope it comes with a marker to help you label each box —
here are the good memories, here are the bad;
here are the happy stories, here are the sad.
And when you need to move places, they are conveniently portable;
because while you can leave people and places behind,
you will always need these boxes.

I hope you get boxes.
Boxes with the names and return addresses of people you love who live in different places;
and in each you find their voice laughing at your joke;
a hug custom-made for your specific size and adjustable for your warmth requirements;
and an unlimited variety and number of kisses for each moment you want one from that person.

And you need the name and return address -
because it’s scary to receive a box without a name and return address.
There might be explosives or dark foreboding inside.
And you would want to send back a note of thanks,
and perhaps your own box of silliness, solace, and sweetness .

But most of all, I hope you find these kinds of boxes useless.
There must be reason why people say “think outside the box,”
Or why Forrest Gump said “life is like a box of chocolates.”
Whatever those reasons are, I haven’t completely figured them out yet.

But there is one thing I’ve figured out -
my real hope for you today is this -
that you are living a life outside a box and beyond the need of one;
And that it is like good chocolate, with or without box -
white and dark, smooth and textured, sweet and bitter in all the right ways.

"Happy Boxing Day" - Marian Panganiban

An adventure in a box! #descent #tabletop #boardgames

An adventure in a box! #descent #tabletop #boardgames

from “Stargazer’s Death” - Vasko Popa


He had to die they say
Stars were closer to him
Even than people

The ants ate him they say
He fancied stars give birth to ants
And ants to stars
So he filled his house with ants

His celestial debauches
Cost him his head they say
And that silly rumor about a dagger
With human fingerprints

He found himself out of this world
They say he went to find a sunflower
In which every heart’s every star’s
Road comes together

He had to die they say

translated from the Serbian by Charles Simic

Oh, I was looking for this poem.

"Libre mangarap (To dream is free)." Is an often repeated Filipino saying. Personally, I think dreaming is the most expensive thing there is.

Came home to these. :) #mtg #foils #hobby

Came home to these. :) #mtg #foils #hobby